Maurizio Montagnese

Maurizio Montagnese

Chief Innovation Officer Innovation Center – Intesa Sanpaolo Group

The mission of the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center lies in the research and analysis of innovative solutions in order to identify growth opportunities for our Group and customers. The Center, established in 2004 and led by Maurizio Montagnese, has the task of monitoring the Group’s innovation development plans and processes.

With a central office on the 31st floor of Turin’s skyscraper, the headquarters of the Group, and a national and international network, the Innovation Center aims to be an enabling driver of relationships with other stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem, such as businesses, start-ups, incubators, research centres and universities. In addition, it promotes new forms of entrepreneurship in accessing risk capital.

Innovation is at the core of the company’s evolution.
For the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, innovation is a lever for competing in markets that are increasingly more complex and globalised.

Intesa San PAolo


Massimo Boraso

Founder & CEO

“We are not satisfied with visits. We convert them into customers and leads”. Every day we work to enable our customers to increase online sales, to become market leaders and strengthen leadership. We are pioneers in Italy of “Conversion Marketing”, we move contacts, we shake sales.


Agostino Santoni

Managing director Italy Cisco

Cisco is the global technology leader that transforms the way people connect, communicate and collaborate. Its mission is to shape the future of the Internet, creating the maximum value and the greatest opportunities for the company, for its customers, for its employees, investors and partners.


Fabrizio Spinetti

Legal Representative Generali Italia

Knowing how to communicate with customers, understanding the world they live in, and being able to respond to their concrete needs. Offering simple, intelligent and easily accessible solutions, even in mobility. These are for us the distinctive features of a Company in step with the times.
To define this vision, our Group has devised a new development strategy, synthesized in three words: simpler, smarter & faster.A vision that for us of Generali Italia has become a simplification program, a path of growth and innovation that will engage us in the coming years. In this way, we will be able to provide customers with a new and efficient offer, thanks also to the new digital channels, and more transparent, modular, and easy-to-understand insurance solutions.

Fabio Spoletini
Country Manager Italy & Regional Vice President France-Italy
Oracle’s positioning and vision is fueled by its ability to innovate through constant investment in Research and Development. In over 40 years, Oracle has introduced countless innovations that have changed the IT market. Today, Oracle’s strategy is based on two key words: Capital Data and Cloud as the engine, and companies digital transformation enabler. Thanks to Cloud, it is easier to develop new and modern applications that enable multi-channeling, integrating analysis systems being secure and reliable. At purpose, the company has developed a comprehensive suite of services at all levels of the Cloud: SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Paolo Penati
Managing director CEO

Chiara Pariani

VP Global Brand Marketing & Italy Brand & Communications

QVC is the multimedia platform of shopping that operates both through TV, with 17 hours of live streaming, 364 days a year, and e-commerce. Every day it offers discoveries, inspiration and innovative ideas in all the product categories covered: beauty, fashion & accessories, jewelry, home, food and technology. It was born in America 30 years ago and is now present also in England, Germany, France, China, Japan and Italy from October 2015. A unique business model that combines the most advanced technologies to a vocation to create real relationships with all stakeholders. QVC is the cutting edge retailer that claims a vision of innovative shopping. It concretely supports entrepreneurs, SMEs and startuppers by providing a set of tools that can check real- time sales performance, reducing risk and maximizing visibility and growth opportunities thanks to its widespread distribution in 25 million homes in Italy and potentially thanks to QVC international network.

Davide Dattoli

Co-Founder & CEO of Talent Garden

Talent Garden is the international network for digital talents to meet, learn and grow together. Today Talent Garden works on three different type of activities: TAG Campuses, TAG Innovation School and TAG Events.

Giangiacomo Olivi

Head of IP & Technology

With more than 180 professionals, operating in Milan and Rome, DLA Piper is the largest international law firm in Italy. The multidisciplinary approach, which includes sector-based assistance, as well as based on areas of specialisation, provides customers with an innovative offer, unparalleled in the market.