Friday May 13 | 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM | within TAG Roma Poste Italiane in Via Giuseppe Andreoli 9, Roma
(MA Lepanto)

1:00 PM Lunch on the terrace and Networking

2:00 PM Welcome

Alberto Fioravanti

Alberto Fioravanti

Founder and Chairman of Digital Magics
Marco Gay

Marco Gay

Vice-Chairman of Digital Magics
Layla Pavone

Layla Pavone

Managing Director of Digital Magics – Industry Innovation

2:15 PM The industry of E-Commerce: from key numbers to corporate culture in this global scenario

Carlo Alberto Pratesi

Carlo Alberto Pratesi

Professor of marketing at the University Roma Tre and Partner Digital Magics Roma for Open Innovation

2:30 PM The value of digital ‘contactability’ as a strategic lever for business

Massimo Fubini

Massimo Fubini

CEO & Founder Contactlab

2:45 PM Conversion Marketing: how to acquire and retain customers

Massimo Boraso

Massimo Boraso

Founder & CEO Boraso

3:00 PM Questions and Answers

3:10 PM Globalisation and digitisation, implications for companies on the market

Roberto Sommella

Roberto Sommella

Journalist, author of the publication “Sboom, sappiamo ancora sostenere il cambiamento?” (“Sboom, are we still able to sustain the change?”)

3:25 PM Questions and Answers

3:35 PM Four concrete cases of Open Innovation and E-Commerce:


“, the integrated platform of digital health, e-commerce and retail”

Roberto Ascione

CEO Healthware International and Partner Digital Magics HealthTech

Pasquale Marzano

Managing Director

“Il Fatto Quotidiano and Foodscovery: publishing and e-commerce, a winning combination”

Cinzia Monteverdi

CEO of Editoriale Il Fatto

Fabio Di Gioia

Founder and CEO of

“The QVCNext project: the world’s leading multimedia retailer that believes in startups”

Riccardo Costantino

Business Control and Optimization Manager QVC Italia

“Artemest: the Made in Italy handicraft that is very popular worldwide except in Italy”

Ippolita Rostagno

Founder and Creative Director of Artemest

4:15 PM Questions and Answers

4:30 PM Event Conclusion